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Factory & Quality Edge

How we do it better

Our quality edge lies in the details. All of them! That's why at Bold we control every single step and process that goes into the production of our products. Nothing is outsourced. Nothing is left to chance.

Get used to better quality products without the premium price tag!

We are on a mission to make quality products that are bold, original, and that function and fit well. But we also understand the importance of prices for our buyers, that is why we became the first company to fully integrate the whole manufacturing process under one roof. We import our own raw materials, we cut/sew/finish our products in our own state of the art factory, and we print / embroider your logos and designs in our own advanced screen printing / embroidery shops. The result is a high-quality product sold at a factory price. Both unmatched by any of our competitors, locally and regionally.

Raw Material

Fabrics, Materials, & Accessories are the most essential component of any garment, simply put, they can make or break the finished product.

Raw material imported by us 0%

Premium Quality

That is why we take the process of developing and buying fabrics very seriously. Our sourcing manager has a degree in textiles from FIT New York and our company has a combined experience of more than 60 years in the field.

We partner up with some of the biggest and most reputable fabric mills around the world to produce quality fabrics with characteristics and functions that are suitable for the tough conditions our uniforms endure daily. Our fabrics are specifically manufactured to our own set of requirements and adhere to the highest textile standards specified by the ASTM and AATCC organizations.


Our FACTORY is one of the region's most advanced garment manufacturing operations with state of the art machinery and the latest in tools and technologies available to our industry.

Vertically Integrated Manufacturing

At Bold we believe that the only way to make high-quality products we can stand behind is not only to use the best materials and accessories, but also to control every single step that goes into the manufacturing process. That is why we have a fully integrated factory where we design our own patterns, cut and prepare the fabrics / materials, sew the pieces together, and finish / package the product after going through a strict quality control process. We refuse to engage in the common industry practice of outsourcing to cheap third-party factories to save on costs. Our factory workers receive regular training and share our values and standards.


Screen Printing

Our screen printing equipment and machines are top of the line and made in USA. Our printers are highly skilled master printers with years of experience in the field. We use high quality German and Italian high density opaque inks along with tried and tested industry standard methods to guarantee a print that is vibrant, bold, and that will outlast the life of the garment.

Screen Printed Products 0%


Our state-of-the-art computerized embroidery machines use servo motors and micro stitches to provide for premium quality embroideries that are unmatched in quality and clarity. We use high luster Rayon embroidery thread for most general purpose applications and polyester thread for industrial and medical items that require high color fastness to washing and bleaching.

Embroidered Products 0%

How We Make it Better

Our manufacturing process

Design & Pattern Making

We use advanced design and CAD software to make our patterns, grade the sizes, and spread the markers. This ensures an accurate garment fit and proper sizing on every order. It also saves time and optimizes the use of materials to reduce waste costs.

Garment Production

We use state of the art computerized cutting and sewing machines to produce our garments. This reduces our labor costs, reduces our delivery times, and most importantly provide for a high-quality product that is free of defects and human error.

Quality Control

We dislike surprises and returned items are very costly in terms of reputation wasted resources, that is why we employ a strict quality control system throughout every step of the manufacturing process to eliminate issues and deliver a product we can guarantee.